Tea Has Many Benefits for The Body, Stress and Energy Levels, And Even Aids in The Prevention of Serious Diseases. White, Black and Green Tea Have Been Tested, Talked About, And Consumed for Years on This Basis, Each with Unique but Valuable Contributions to The Body.

More Recently, Red Tea Detox Has Been Recognized as Their Equal, If Not Superior. And Here’s Why: Red Tea Detox Shrinks Fat Cells.

What Is Red Tea Detox?

Red Tea Is Made Out of Rooibos. Rooibos Is A Red Bush from South Africa. The Leaves Are Used Once Fermented in The Tea’s Production, And They Offer A Range of Benefits.

Rooibos, Also Known as Red Tea, Is Equally High in Antioxidants, But Is Sourced from Different Substances to That of Green Tea. The Antioxidants Contained in Rooibos – Aspalathin And Nothofagin – Are Comparatively Rare, And Help to Regulate Blood Sugar, Reduce Excessive Fat Production, Lessen Stress, And Inhibit Metabolic Disorders.

Research Has Shown That Components Found in The Rooibos Plant, Such as Polyphenols and Flavonoids, Inhibit the Formation of New Fat Cells By 22 Percent. The Red Tea Significantly Lowers Dangerous Fat Found in The Blood, Such as Triglyceride Concentrations.

Other Blends Such as Green Tea, Although Rich in Antioxidants, Do Not Have the Same Impact on Fat Cells or Weight Loss. Red Tea Is an Exciting Necessity, And One That Has the Potential to Seamlessly Entwine Itself with Your Lifestyle.

What Is The Red Tea Detox Program?

The Red Tea Detox is a Brand-New Cleansing Program That Detoxifies the Body and Sheds Pounds Quickly and Safely.It Allows Almost Anyone to Lose 14lbs In Just A Matter of Weeks.

Based on More Than A Decade of Research Spanning Over 500 Medical Studies as Well as Almost Three Years of Real-World Testing, This Program Has the Results – And the Science – To Back It Up.

Liz Swan Miller, Creator of The Red Tea Detox, Is A Six-Time Best-Selling Author with Over 10 Years of Experience as A Practicing Naturopath (ND).

She Discovered the Unique Recipe for This Energizing Tea, The Foundation of The Program, During Her Travels Deep into The Heart of Africa. And Best of All, The Ingredients Are So Common They Can Be Found in Virtually Any Store.

Reproduced Here for The First Time in The Western World, The Red Tea Detox Passes on The Recipe for This Incredible Tea in The Form of a Fully Digital Product, Making It Available to Customers Instantaneously.

At the Heart of The Red Tea Detox Program Is the Secret African Red Tea Recipe.  This Red Tea and Its Five Herbs Blended Is Believed to Be the Reason for The Surprising Overall Health of Many African Tribes. This Comprehensive Book Is Broken Down into Three Different Sections.

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